Dating spiritual people uk

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Dating spiritual people uk

Tel: 01 or email: [email protected] Administrator: Karen Brown. Cuthbert's House, West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 7PY.Many find themselves feeling alien in this world and in conflict in their own inner world trying to figure out how to live after their spiritual awakening?

But I do have a great wonder at the workings of the world and the universe.

The Gift of Years gives voice to the men and women a little further up the road.

By regarding the inevitable changes which come with older age in a more positive light, we begin to perceive our ageing as a progression towards nothing less than transformation…

Faced with the fact we are living longer, The Gift of Years celebrates the blessings of long life but does not underestimate the challenges either.

It is time for churches across the denominations to recognise fully the needs and the potential of older people, both in churches and in wider communities.

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