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feature in Entourage, you may want holidays displayed.

Entourage can automatically import holidays from many different countries and religions, making it a helpful holiday resource for users all over the world.

(Some Windows-centric administrators aren’t too helpful to Mac users.

Use the instructions in the sidebar to learn how to use Outlook on Windows to find your server addresses.) The server that you’ll use here is called a server. Follow my instructions for Connecting Entourage to an Exchange Server at work.

In the example below, you can see that on the left, the Calendar that is highlighted is located in the This should bring up the events that you saw above in week view in the following format.Why is connecting Entourage to Exchange is so tricky sometimes? Maybe the Global Address List (GAL) just doesn’t work.Or maybe getting new messages is just very the Exchange Server’s network.They do not store mailboxes but instead act as connectors between Internet users and back-end servers where the mailboxes really exist.Follow my instructions for Connecting Entourage to an Exchange Server from Home or for use with a hosted Exchange Server.

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To import calendar events from Calendar Wiz (or Microsoft Outlook) that are in the format you need a set of scripts developed by Paul Berkowitz.