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Foreign Service Officers are diplomats employed by the U. As a Foreign Service Officer, there are five different career tracks that you may enter: Consular officer, Economic officer, Management officer, Political Officer, and Public Diplomacy Officer.

Together with the Prime Minister, these are the Great Offices of State.Shortly after she graduated with a degree in Marketing she moved to New York City and worked in corporate America for a couple of years, but after waking up in tears with no desire to go to work, she realized that she was unfulfilled.Being a diplomat -- or foreign service officer -- offers a way to build a career around a patriotic spirit. The most disconcerting disadvantage of being a diplomat is the possibility of a dangerous work environment. Bombings, shootings and other acts of violence are possible, especially if the intent is to send a message of hatred for America or for the presence of U. Living in another country, getting used to the climate and customs, forging relationships and averting danger are all concerns.The Americas; Europe; NATO and European security; defence and international security; the Falklands; polar regions; migration; protocol; human resources; OSCE and Council of Europe; relations with Parliament; FCO finance; knowledge and technology.The Commonwealth; the UN, peacekeeping conflict and International Criminal Court; Overseas Territories; the Caribbean; human rights; modern slavery; national security; international energy security policy; all FCO business in the House of Lords.

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