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Posted by / 28-Nov-2017 22:01

Stop organizing your ebooks like they’re just a tired pile of documents and start organizing them in style with Calibre—an open source ebook organizer that supports metadata, cover flow, format conversion, and more.

Calibre is an absolutely fantastic application for organizing your ebook collection.

A Meteor package that allows you to attach a schema to a Mongo. Automatically validates against that schema when inserting and updating from client or server code.

This package requires and automatically installs the aldeed:simple-schema package, which defines the schema syntax and provides the validation logic. Please update to aldeed:[email protected], which has an implicit dependency on the Simple Schema NPM package rather than an explicit dependency on the Simple Schema Meteor package.

So if you're a die-hard Kindle fanatic with an Android device, snag the update and get to sorting your digital shelves.

You can now group books into user-created Collections, which is basically a digital alternative to keeping sci-fi on one shelf and fantasy on another.

When selecting books to group into collections, you can filter by author or title, and a single book can go in more than one collection.

For this tutorial we’re going to be using the portable Windows version of Calibre.

Once you unpack the portable version or install the traditional version there is no difference in operation.

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The interface is polished, easy to use, and makes managing your ebook collection like managing a media collection through popular media management applications such as i Tunes.