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I grew up Pentecostal Apostolic, where the saints proclaimed to be wrapped up, tied up, tangled up in Jesus, washed in the blood of Christ, and fire-baptized.

" He would reference a "sin" and attach a Bible verse to it, while reminding the congregation that hell was much hotter.

In so doing perhaps he became the first well-known openly gay gospel artist and like Gaga believes homosexuals are “born this way.” talks to the artist about his more-than-unconventional stance on sexuality and how this newly embraced freedom has influenced his new persona: ESSENCE.com: Is your gospel career a thing of the past? Unfortunately I was pigeonholed into that genre even though I felt that gospel music could very much so cross over to mainstream. I think that the people’s interests were at both brands heart, but the represent the culmination of raw art, audacity and hard work.

Formidably and exclusively, yeah that part is over. I think because they connect with the truth and even if they don’t understand everything. This brand represents the essence of the Black Sheep, the person who pretty much has all the odds against him, that phoenix rising aura about them.

A coming-of-age story isn't always limited to adolescents and teenagers finding themselves to adulthood through sexual, emotional and mental exploration. As a kid, the 36-year-old music artist and actor remembered his father, the late Dr. I wanted to make sure that my accent was true to form. I don't really fit into the black community yet I don't really fit into the white community. There's so many people with different belief structures you kind of feel like an orphan. When I started loving myself and accepted the God in me and the whole person and even though I didn't have a physical place to feel accepted, I found that strength in love. It will be a transitional house for LGBT youth to stay at until they get back on their feet and give them job skills. Slade there is a certain type of confidence that comes with learning of what people think about me is none of my business. I've started taking personal responsibility for myself. I'm on time a lot more, so I respect people's time a lot more.

Slade has navigated through his passion, sexuality and even his brand to develop a career that reflects who he is as a person. Htwo Grammy nominations—one for Best Soul Gospel Album for his 2004 gold album, Out The Box, and a second one in 2009 for Best Urban/Soul Alternative Performance for his single, "Blend," from his album, Unspoken. Slade's fluid sexuality contradicted his church upbringing—causing him to question the church as an institution and even straining his relationship with his family; B. Secondly, I worked with a dialect coach, since the whole play is set in London. I'm in the process of putting together a foundation called The Faces of Love. I'm speaking about people who operate in that genre but still have the sexual orientation. I've stop passing the blame on philosophical entities.

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Slade glides through the corridors of the Doubletree Hotel in New York, all eyes are locked on him.